Welcome to LaPlaca Insurance.

“Price is important, but the quality of the insurance co along with the skill, trust & service are paramount. LaPlaca Insurance has managed our business & personal insurance programs for over 15 years because they fulfill these requirements.”

“Our business insurance was a mess, expensive, and I had no idea what adjustments to make. Anne took the time to be a “person” not just an insurance agent, saved us a ton of money and monitors our needs. I am a loyal customer for 7 years and will never change companies.”

“Their skillful commitment and attention to our insurance requirements makes us comfortable having them handle our insurance.”

“LaPlaca Insurance always provides excellent service, and is immediately responsible to all requests and requirements.”

“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate LaPlaca Insurance’s help getting through complicated insurance issues.”

“Our dad founded this business by skillfully providing a unique product and he was highly selective with the vendors he employed. We have continued with dad’s approach & with LaPlaca Insurance because they have delivered on quality, knowledge, and service.”