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Our Personal Line of Coverage

We know that your antique automobile is more than just a car to you. It’s your passion. At LaPlaca, we take your passions seriously and work hard to help make sure that they are protected with the right insurance coverage. Our team will find you the right coverage for your most prized possession whether it is in your garage or it is out on the road.

Driving is an activity of life that many of us could not live without. Whether you are driving to work or to vacation in another part of the country- every time you get behind the wheel and go, you place yourself at risk. At LaPlaca, we will personally work with you to help identify the specific risks you may face so that you and your loved ones can be safe wherever the road takes you.

Buying a boat is a major investment decision. Like any other investment, boats need the right insurance coverage. Our team will work with you to help ensure that you are protected whether you are traveling on a small lake or you are out on the open waters of the Atlantic.

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners states that 25 percent of 35-years olds will experience one period of disability during their careers, which will make it impossible for them to work for a set period of time. Our team will educate you about the importance of this protection and find a policy that meets your personal needs while staying in your personal budget.

The 2011 Earthquake in Virginia was enough to send shivers up the spines of many homeowners along the Eastern Coast of the United States. At LaPlaca, we will show you how your assets will be affected by an earthquake and how you can best protect them.

Due to the increased severity of storms in the United States, flood insurance has come to the forefront of the minds of many homeowners. At LaPlaca, we will discuss with you ways in which you can protect your home against damaging floods all the while staying in your personal budget plan.

Here’s the scenario: You just started a business in your home. You’re working long hours seven days a week to grow it to a certain level before you move to another location. The last thing you want to worry about is whether or not you have the right insurance. At LaPlaca, you won’t have to worry about insurance for your home-based business. We will work hard to ensure that there is no overlapping coverage with your homeowner’s policy and ultimately find you the right protection at the right price.

Your home is your safe haven. It is where you find rest after an action-filled day. It’s where you make memories with your family that will last forever. Since your home will likely be one of the largest assets that you have, it deserves the right protection. Our team will personally work with you to identify the major exposures that you face and as a result give you peace of mind to protect this most valuable asset.

According to the United States Department of Justice, the average number of identity fraud victims each year is 8,571,900. If you do not want to become a victim of one of the fastest growing white collar crimes in America, then LaPlaca can help you find the best protection at the best price.

Life insurance is not only used in the event of a death in a family, but it can also be used to cover a certain debt such as a home mortgage or even to fund a major life event such as a college education. At LaPlaca, we will personally work with you to find out your particular needs and match them to the right type of policy.

Driving a motorcycle on an open road isn’t for everyone, but if it is for you then it is important to make sure that you are properly covered. Our team will help you find the most competitive rates whether you have been driving your motorcycle for 25 miles or 25 years.

Shore properties are wonderful to have! However, due to the increased severity of coastline storms, they are being placed at a severe risk. At LaPlaca, we will work hard to find you the best protection for you coastline property.

Suppose your teenager gets into a serious car accident and you’re sued for 1 million dollars. What will you do when your policy reaches its limit on the liability coverage? Can you cover these expenses out of pocket? Do not let unfortunate circumstances like these wipe out your entire savings. With our help, we will help to make sure that if the unexpected occurs, you are well protected.